Gabicce Mare is
such a wonder

We have always been here

Here we are! We are Marcello, Oliana, Edda and Lorenzo, and together we are the family of the Hotel Olympia in Gabicce Mare.

We have always been here for your holidays. Since there were tents on the beach and before umbrellas were born, since this town was a village of sailors. Gabicce Mare is a bay where blue and green mean sea and nature. Hotel Olympia was born with us, our home open to everyone.

Welcome (or welcome back dear friend) to our hotel, now it is time to relax.

We like authentic relationships, that's why we manage the hotel ourselves. From our family to yours.
We are between the beach and the harbor of Gabicce Mare, also in the midst of many beautiful sunrises and sunsets. In the evening, the area is a space for pedestrians to walk.
30 seconds from us is the beach and it‘s equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds; full of toys for children, sports fields, relaxation areas, and entertainment.
Chef Luigi is part of our family, he knows every guest's taste and is ready to satisfy your requests for breakfast and dinner. If you want to have lunch, just order the lunchbox!
your offer
Gabicce Mare is such a wonder
your offer
Gabicce Mare is such a wonder
Happy people

As for the past 11 years now, this summer 2022 has also seen us as guests of this hotel, where we really feel at home. By now a friendship has been born with Oliana, Marcello, Edda and Lorenzo, which makes us feel really good, for their great availability. As for the room and cleaning, they are impeccable. The girls are really good and precise. Nothing new to say about breakfast and meals: all excellent, and both at lunch and dinner there is really something to indulge yourself with: 3 first courses and 3 second courses, where fish is king.

Grazia B. on Tripasvisor

Week before mid-August always wonderful. The kitchen proved to be perfect with a wide variety of dishes (Romagna evening always the spearhead). Friendliness of the owners always unique. Enviable position. Thanks for everything and see you (as always) next year!

Marida L

Delightful hotel, friendly and competent staff, spacious and clean interiors, furnished with attention to detail and simplicity at the same time. Strategic and convenient location to access all services. Breakfast plentiful and varied, but above all excellent. I will definitely be back.

Giulia G

It was just a perfect vacation. Cleanliness kindness courtesy. Room upgrade for a reservation misunderstanding without extra charge. Discreet but always attentive family management. Absolutely enviable position. We will definitely be back next year. Highly recommended.

Marco R
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